Darlo vs. St Vincents Hospital?

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Uncategorized
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This is an intriguing poster I found when I visited the street for the first time. In case you couldn’t make it out, it reads “Stop St. Vincent’s Hospital Destroying Darlo!”

First thought that popped into my head was “why?’. Certainly more medical facilities will help the community?

According to this link, the outcry had something to do with the redevelopment of adjacent buildings. The hospital is gradually creeping up the street and residents aren’t too happy with another facility towering over the Victoria St. skyline.

Certainly this answers the question of the construction sites I passed by on my visit, which leads me to think about how waste trends will then change in the near future. There is the present, as building is underway which creates construction waste, but also a prediction of more medical-related waste when this centre opens.

Will the hospital continue to creep up Victoria St.? How will this affect current waste patterns? We must keep our eyes open in this development (and any future plans) as it will certainly affect waste trends in the street and shouldn’t be ignored when thinking about future waste management strategies.



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