Week 1 Lecture

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The subject’s very first lecture was given by Phillip Delamore from the London College of Fashion. Delamore mentions of trends in production- how in the past, products are created in demand. Contrast this to the retail stores of today’s shopping centres, which employ a ‘wasteful’ approach in selling. Many copies of clothes are displayed but in reality, only a third is sold in full, another third is marked down and the last becomes waste- truly interesting and eye-opening.

Perhaps what has most left an impression to me was the idea of designing in the virtual world. Delamore has dropped a few sites such as Threadless and Ponaco- as he mentioned the idea of user-generated content. Certainly the whole idea of making designs in a virtual interface before it is actually made into a product is an interesting approach to the mentioned ‘wasteful’ fashion market. Immediately my mind makes connections to games and virtual realities such as Second Life, as society creates alternate identities. People are now actually paying for something virtual, and while in the past this could be seen as pointless, there is a possibility this can be a new frontier to be explored upon in terms of design.

At the very least, Delaware wants people to think ahead- instead of living in the ‘now’, we must go further and think of options for the ‘long now’. We must take the future into account- if society is left into its present ways, there is no telling how much time or resources we have left.


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