Week 2- Lecture #2

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Zoe from the Visual Communication discipline came in and held an intriguing lecture about creative information design. Frustrating and faulty technology aside, the examples she had shown throughout her talk showed how information design can be used to convey data in an easy-to-read and sensible visual form. The designs should not bore you with statistics- it should make the information something you want to read.

Zoe mentioned how graphic elements need to be make sense- for instance, we associate the colour white as milk. Communication wouldn’t be as clear if the data for milk is represented as green (unless it’s mouldy milk). The visual language also does not need to be complicated, they could be as simple as circles or text. Zoe’s emphasis on the elements makign sense in the context of information is important advice, one has to consider the audience and the information in working out how to create a piece of information design.

In Zoe’s words, as visual communicators, we have to give information life and differentiate it from the dull tables and bar graphs. The key to good information design is its relevance as well as clear communication.


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