Clear Magazine: 100% Tree Free Issue

Posted: September 4, 2010 in Uncategorized
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In December 2008, Clear magazine first released a 100% tree free issue of their art, design and fashion magazine (and later released another tree free issue on Fall 2009). Synthetic and recyclable, the YUPO® material is also half the normal weight and is more durable than normal paper. It is also water, dust and stain resistant and lessens the strain on forests as well as the ozone layer as manufacturing does not create dangerous emissions.

Even though the issues were released as limited edition pieces, it is still a start to a sustainable future in terms of magazines and publications. The article on the Clear Magazine website states that the material can be recycled into plastic resin and has the same performance and properties of virgin plastics. While this lessens the dependence on paper, it is also another of many products around us that relies on plastics- even if it is recyclable it certainly highlights our over-dependence on plastics as highlighted by the Plastiki campaign. Nevertheless it is a step towards a greener future in the visual communication area as the magazine becomes less ephemeral and becomes a more durable product that one is encouraged to keep.

Still, it begs me to question with the appearance of the iPad and digital magazines- will there really be room for this kind of magazines? Certainly there is a charm of actually having and feeling the magazine as you read compared to an electronic screen but what is to stop people from just leaving these magazines around like normal paper magazines? Paper is also recyclable and yet it can still be a waste problem when people don’t recycle paper. Is the solution really the material, or encouraging more recycling? An electronic version of a magazine won’t have this problem as such but then again, not everyone has the same equity in terms of access to technology.

If the future of printed magazines do rely on this material, I think it would still be better for the environment as there will be less of a reliance on trees for paper. Assuming the recycled material does have the same properties of virgin plastics then at least it will be better environmentally as we will also be relying less on pumping more oil to produce plastics. I don’t think society’s reliance on plastics will decrease, but at least with the YUPO® material, we will be using less natural resources to supply the demand.


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