Week 6: Lecture #6- Better City, Better Life

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Mike Day’s talk about his visit of the Expo 2010 in Shanghai was very eye-opening to see the range of experiences available in an expo. Having never really visited one before, it was interesting to hear Day talk about various installations and exhibits and how these pavillions are designed to inform visitors about issues in an integrated experience.

According to Day, almost all of the actual pavillions are recycled and supports the theme of sustainability apparent in the Shanghai expo.The question of what kind of city makes life better is played with throughout the different pavillions- and is quite a vital issue to consider as Day refers to humans as “an urban species” (Day 2010). As such, there is a need for better urban designs for the future as these cities will need to accomodate society’s evolution throughout the years.

The experience is a means of public awareness regarding the issues of sustainability and thoughts about the future and it is interesting to see how the use of experience design and installations can help make issues more relevant to an audience. Echoing Pearce’s talk from last week, the message cuts through better once you put a human face into the issues and statistics which is used in one exhibit where one takes a look at the typical family in different areas in the world. There is a potential for better understanding through the use of interactive elements as well as the audience then becomes part of the experience.


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