The Mighty Wallet from Dynomighty Design

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I came across this interesting piece of design in a Typo store in the week- a recyclable wallet dubbed the Mighty Wallet from Dynomighty Design. Made from  Tyvek® material, the wallet is tear-proof, waterproof, lightweight and is 25% recycled.  It is made of interlocking plastic fibers in random patterns and what is most interesting is the fact that its shape adapts to the thickness of the contents in the wallet- it can stay slim if you only keep a few notes and cards or expand but still remain durable when there are more contents. Tests of durablity are shown through viral campaigns in Youtube such as the one below.

It’s good to see how well Dynomighty Design has considered the environment with this product- everything from the packaging is recyclable. It is also quite affordable and even if you don’t have access or afford it, there is no excuse as they also give a tutorial on how to make your own!

Truly they care about the environment and are willing to disregard lost revenue in sales and pass on people the knowledge of how to make your own. What is interesting is the possibility of creating a whole community thanks to this wallet as people can make their own personalised designs aside from the quirky designs already available on the store.


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