Shredding Coffee Table

Posted: September 26, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Here’s a nifty little product.

Introducing the shredding coffee table. Turn your paper bills or your junk mail into a personalised decorative element for your living room! I’m not sure this is quite childproof but at least it is one product that tackles the paper waste problem in an interesting and interactive way.

While the personalised, artistic opportunities are a big selling point and niche for this product, I think there is also a potential for an informative use for this- a way to higlight the point of how much paper is being used in a specified amount of time. Certainly you would see first hand how long or how much paper it will take to completely fill the table- it makes you think how much paper really is used for seemingly wasteful purposes such as junk mail. I wonder, will this force users to try and limit the paper wastage as possible because of this (which sort of defeats the decorative purpose), or will people be too keen on the interactive, artistic element and shred more paper than needed? Perhaps that is too much of a hyperbole and I would think people will have some common sense, but you have to admit, the tactile process of turning the crank and watching your paper transform a coffee table does sound like fun.


Design*Sponge 2010, Thanks for Shredding my Paper Coffee Table, Design*Sponge, viewed 26/09/2010 <;


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