Week 9: Brainstorming/Research for a Design Solution

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For the next stage of the assignment we have to design a solution to the problem we will be addressing in our area. Darlinghurst has many cafes and restaurants and we decided to focus on the issue of food/organic waste in the area. We weren’t sure what problem under that umbrella we specifically want to target so we had to do some research.

The Somnus Method by Lars Smedlund


The Somnus Method is an interesting invention which extracts most water content from food waste. This makes the organic waste dry and mostly odour-free and reduces the weight in garbage collection. The important benefit is the production of biogas- 30% more than wet waste. Something like this would probably be too advanced for this group task but it is an interesting invention that could have potential in the future- the result being:

A dry and relatively odour-free material


Here is an interesting campaign implemented in a workplace. As we are currently looking at the possibilities of recycling coffee grains because of the amount of cafes in Darlinghurst, this shows an interesting way of how collection and recycling can take place even in an office. Surprisingly, the program proved quite effective.

Food Waste Republic is a Singaporean site that is dedicated to raising as many issues in food wastage as possible, getting the message out to the public. This article touches on a universal issue in every supermarket or fruit store- how shoppers search for the perfect fruit leads to tonnes of organic waste. Fruit and vegetables will deteriorate over time- more so after over-handling by customers. This link raises the issue of how even the slightest mark or bruise make shoppers instinctively turn away. Interestingly, the article highlights one solution to reduce waste- using imperfect fruits into products that can be sold in store such as banana cakes and fruit juices.

fresh produce customers can be really picky


Lastly, here is a cute little coffee grounds piggy bank- made from a light and sturdy substance that is like dark brown plastic. Created by Tom Jonson, this little item is quite trendy and perhaps waste solutions could have a sense of humour or target collectors so it is not all about the same issues people grow tired of hearing over and over again.




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