Week 10- Possible Solutions

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Uncategorized
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In Taiwan, coffee beans have been turned into coffee yarns that could be used to create textiles, and Singtex is the only textile manufacturer to win the 2010 Taiwan Excellence Award. The product is made from 98.5% recycled PET bottles and 1.5% ground coffee beans.

It is interesting to see how the humble coffee grain can lead to such innovative product designs. Obviously the above is a more commercial approach to designing with coffee grounds and I doubt our group will have the technology to create prototypes of this calibre. What we were thinking of focusing on is the many ways the coffee grounds can be used, so perhaps a range of products to showcase different benefits could be an option.

A little bit closer to home, Whatawaste is a student-run blog in Melbourne that focuses on minimising restaurant waste in the area. The group had identified problems such as customers ordering too much as a cause for the high number of food waste in landfill. It is interesting to see another student be concerned about waste as they set out to interview restaurants and thus produced designs to help combat the problem.

Possible solutions included a guidebook kit for minimising restaurant waste, segregation of waste in restaurants and raising awareness through this video. Maybe if we don’t decide on doing an actual product with coffee grains, maybe we can do something that raises awareness and has the potential to change habits.



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