Week 10- Digital Craft Workshop

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Uncategorized
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A quilt from my favourite shirt and some shorts that don't fit

Clara Vuletich’s workshop was an interesting change from the usual classes as it was nice to create something practical and change groups around. I found the workshop tied in quite nicely with the previous Smiths Family site visit although this felt more intimate and personal.

Contrary to the instructions the tutor had given us, Vuletich’s understanding of the workshop was that we would bring in pieces of clothing that had sentimental value to turn into pieces of quilt, thus creating a multi-layered material that works in both a sustainable and memorial level. However most brought in scraps of fabric which had little or no special value and were leftovers from past projects, which was quite valid as the lab focused on tackling waste. I however, brought in some old garments that were in both categories- these fabrics were now unusable but at the same time, they used to be favourite pieces of clothing in the past, which tied in to Vuletich’s original intent. As such, I actually found it quite hard to see a favourite shirt being cut into pieces.

our group's quilts

These feelings were soon put to rest as the quilting process began turning that old shirt and some other fabrics into something different and more layered. As soon as I got past the sentimental feelings, I soon found it enjoyable to turn the unusable fabrics into something with a new use. The workshop was quite relaxing and therapeutic in fact, conversing with new people- it felt like a community project. It was nice to slow down and focus on a tactile process, as soon as I finally recalled some sewing techniques.

quilts from the whole class

It was interesting to note that a few people in contrast had mentioned how the quilting process would have been much more efficient with a sewing machine and while that is a fact I do agree on, I felt the experience would not have been the same. Even though the quilt making would be faster, there would have been less communication or conversation with other members and the slow, therapeutic quality of the workshop would not take place. I find that this side-effect is an interesting way of approaching a task that was intended as a way of reducing waste. It bolsters a sense of community and would be a good approach for community projects while tackling waste problems.


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