Week 11- Possible Items

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The group decided to focus on coffee grounds as it was surprising to see the amount of uses it has, from home-remedies to horticulture.
We were not sure if we should go with the cosmetics route or the horticulture route. On the one hand, Mukrawi had already tested a coffee cosmetic home remedy although she mentioned how it was itchy. Whether this was because of the solution or even her skin, this comment made me a bit wary about the cosmetic idea. Certainly we would have to test it out if we were to make the product and even then there are many factors such as the mix for the cosmetic (maybe it wasn’t the coffee grounds directly that makes the product itchy) or even a consumer’s skin type.
If we go for the horticulture route, we run the risk of being too similar to what other groups are doing with worm farms and other gardening solutions. There are also products in the market that are similar so maybe we should try for something different.

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