Week 13: To the Final Product

Posted: November 6, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Our group received fairly good feedback from the presentation as we showed our map to the class and presented our what was to be our final list of products:

-a coffee cup made from a composite of up to 95% recycled coffee grounds, bound with an organic resin and a flame retardant additive

-an ashtray made from the same process using the coffee ground’s deodorising qualities.

-a plant pot made from the same material using the coffee ground’s qualities to repel insects and pets.

-a facial mask and scrub that uses the coffee ground’s properties to  reduce cellulite

There has been some controversy in whether the ashtray is actually a good object to design as it may encourage smoking. Certainly there is that possiblity but Iona, a smoker herself who is aware of the bad habit, justified the need for the ashtray to reduce cigarette butts in the streets. Less ashtrays mean that more cigarette butts will just end up as litter, since people will still smoke.

During this exchange, Iona brought out a small cigarette dispenser and the tutors recommended on trying to make that product instead. This task was delegated to Mukrawi, who found we couldn’t really make a dispenser from coffee grounds. Instead I suggested a small pouch to act as a deodoriser for the dispenser and she found she couldn’t make a pouch but instead made a small bottle of coffee grounds- which would become something for the general public to use in their home remedies- whether it be as a deodoriser or a fertiliser.

Alison also suggested to use the term ‘corporate enterprise’ to succinctly explain our idea, as while our solution solves a waste problem, we are also aiming to help the community by incorporating workshops for the homeless through the Rough Edges centre in Victoria Street.

With the above suggestion, I created the RECAF brand, which references the recycling of the coffee grounds and is a play on the word Decaf. The RE are also intials for Rough Edges, tying the name back to the social enterprise.

The Recaf brand

The design is simplistic as it is for the market environment but still has a contemporary look with the use of the typeface Eurostile. The label is also printed on hemp sketch paper which is 75% recycled paper and 25% industsrial hemp- it is a tree-free paper and can be recycled more times than normal paper. I decided to have as less labels as possible, for the other products like the plant pots, the labels will just be something you can easily take off. The labels merely get the brand out there as well as reference what the product is and what is it made of.


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