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Production of our coffee-based item prototypes had begun as we started on testing the ashtray idea. It was very convenient that Mukrawi worked in a cafe so she had full access of the coffee grounds. Unlike an existing ashtray that is made from coffee grounds, we don’t have the immediate technology to create a prototype from that concentration of coffee grounds, so we decided that making a clay mould then covering it with coffee grounds would be the best approach to convey the idea. We know that the technology is available out there from our research so we just have to justify this fact in the presentaion.

During class, the prototype wasn’t entirely dry or done but we had the basic shape confirmed. I decided to make the ashtray have a more organic touch, basing it on the shape of a leaf to create a sleek design that the people of Darlinghurst would be encouraged to buy.

We’ve also talked about integrating these products into a system that involves the community and I immediately thought of the Rough Edges charity in Victoria Street, where I did my research. Perhaps we could integrate a business where the coffee grounds would be collected from cafes and Rough Edges creates workshops for the homeless to create these products. Not only will this reduce waste and recycle the coffee grounds but it could also give the homeless more skills and chances to return to normal society with some confidence.